Research interests

Stochastic processes, Fractional calculus, Time series, Statistics, Stochastic calculus.

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    Conference papers (peer-reviewed):
      (1) Boniece, B.C., Sabzikar, F. and Didier, G. (2018), 'Tempered fractional Brownian motion: wavelet estimation and modeling of turbulence in geophysical flows', IEEE Statistical Signal Processing Workshop, Freiburg, Germany, pp.1-5.
      (link ).

      Work in progress:
        (2) Power variations of tempered fractional Brownian motion (60% done).
        (1) Tempered fractional Levy processes (80% done) .
  • Spring 2018: STAT543 and STAT342: Theory of Probability and Statistics II, and Introduction to the Theory of Probability and Statistics II.
  • Spring - Fall 2017 : STAT543, Theory of Probability and Statistics II, and STAT447, Statistical Theory for Research Workers.
  • Spring - Fall 2016 : STAT447, Statistical Theory for Research Workers.
  • Fall 2015: STAT432, Applied Probability Models.
  • I joined to Iowa State University in August 2015 after getting my PhD in Statistics and Probability from Michigan State University. I am interested in stochastic processes and their applications in Statistics. Please see my Farzad_Sabzikar_CV
    and let me know if you have any question regarding my research. Here is my contact information: